We’ve all been there before, stuck in front of a variety of nail polishes that all look stunning in their bottles but will suit my nails and hands?

Now whether you have always had an interest in getting your nails done or regularly ensue with the procedure but are always worried about choosing the best colors and design we bring to a quaint little checklist for you keep in account when getting your nails done at a salon or even at home.

I am sure there are colors and tones that you want to try but when applied the effect that you wanted is just not what you were hoping for.

Many of you may have strayed away from colors entirely claiming they don’t suit you, well maybe you just haven’t found the right shade yet!

Skin tone

It’s a no brainer that when you are choosing your next art design or nail polish you have to match it to your skin tone, this is why you need to decipher what category you are in and what undertones pertain to your skin.

Women with blue undertones in their skin often suit pinkish nudes and blue-tone bright nail polishes, like fuchsia and deep violet. Individuals with yellow or olive undertones should opt for white or beige nudes, along with orange-based bright and dark colors such as corals or chocolate. To find out which undertones lie in your skin, conduct a fun little quiz or step out in the sun!


It never hurts to read up or ask someone what nail polish and designs will look best on you. You can also find a list with great gel nail polishes here Asking your manicurist who has a clearer idea of all the colors of which tones and shades will suit you best is the safest option. With her expertise and help, she can identify which nail polishes are sheer, opaque, or glossy so you can opt for the perfect look that you want.


Quite often purchase decisions and colors are picked from just one line swatches, It is important you do a thorough swatch, of at least two layers to get a clearer idea of what the nail polish will look like on your nails.


Now that you have covered the first few steps to picking the right color the next stage is to pick the type of nail polishes according to the design you want. There are three different types of nail polish blends Acrylic’s, Nail gel, and Nail varnish.

  • Acrylics can be directly applied to your nails and paired with other features such as glitter, stones, patterns, and water marbling.
  • Nail Gels are also known as shellac nails and are applied in several layers and then cured under a UV or LED light. This cure hardens the gel and does not dry naturally, this means that you can spruce up your nails with different designs and colors for a longer period.
  • Nail Varnish is a lacquer that is applied to your nails as a base coat to protect them against the other polishes. It is often transparent and prevents your nails from becoming yellow and damaged.

There have many different innovations and designs in the nail art industry, with a plethora of home DIY kits and expert nail technicians available to achieve any design that you please suited to your needs.